You were good son, real good; maybe even the best

[22:07] <@Linuss> I’m gonna miss playing with you lot, despite the bad moments, it’s been fun. Sadly we just ended up having different expectations from what we wanted to achieve, which kinda fucked us over. But it showed in the last game that we wanted to win, because, it was THE big chance, the grand final, that we can actually perform and rape faces (even with 3 uber drops) and actually have fun
[22:07] <@Linuss> xoxo
[22:12] <@Linuss> but this game has ruined my life

[00:04] <@Funkadelic> yeah can only +1 what Linus said. I had a lot of good times playing with you fucking dribblers but all good (and utterly aids) things must come to an end. I MISS YOU ALL ALREADY. RIP bros, my reshpect.