Amazing, camarade!

First time entering Wireplay for d¿s and starting out strong with an impressive string of victories, not losing a single map during Season 10. (Check out the results after the break for the unbelievable scorelines)

The div 4 playoffs will be against blaze for the prize of a server.

Wireplay Season 10 - Div 4a

22/03/2012Dawson's CreekDefault Win
19/03/2012HamburglarsDefault Win
18/03/2012Five ants are more than four elephants!6 - 0
19/03/2012KRASAVADefault Win
27/02/2012Team Colonslash: Reditio6 - 0
14/02/2012Anonymous TacticsDefault Win
13/02/2012n2o is fancyDefault Win