TheSucker’s LAN Fund

You are probably wondering why you haven’t seen TheSucker dropping any ubers lately, and the answer is because he has been playing soldier for d-d-Did I Stutter?

The  d-d-Did I Stutter? team are all attending i46 but our resident Swede needs a little assistance getting there.

The Goal

Sucker has roughly €100 saved which he can put towards the cost of going to i46.

A plane ticket from Sweden to London will cost around €200

A BYOC LAN ticket costs £92 = €114

What is needed?

Apart from raising the money for plane/lan tickets the following will also be needed:

  • Transport from Heathrow to LAN and back again > Special arrangement with Hildreth
  • Spare tent/Hotel space > Cyber has him covered
  • PC to play on > Kaidus will bring a spare
  • Monitor > Cyber will bring a spare

How you can help?

If you can make any kind of donation to the ticket fund or think you may be able to help out with transport, please do not hesitate to contact TheSucker

What do you get out of this?

The chance to meet TheSucker over four glorious days of what may be the biggest TF2 LAN yet.

There will also be an invite only TF2 item raffle for the donators. If you feel that you can’t help with funds but still want to support TheSucker’s journey to LAN, then perhaps you could spare some TF2 items for the raffle!

Please add TheSucker or Merple on steam if you wish to donate items for the raffle.

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